Overcoming my Fear of the Hamster Wheel

I don’t know about you but all I see when I walk into a gym with lots of treadmills is… hamster wheels. All these people running in place, right next to each other, crowded into one place called a “cardio theater”. In my mind its a hamster theater. So as you can probably tell now I am not a runner. Honestly the last time I ran was about 3 years ago, my roommate for the summer was an avid runner and she got me to run outside, and I kind of started to like it. But that likeness quickly ended when the snow set in, in Ann Arbor, MI. And I never got on a treadmill or ran outside since. I found other ways to exercise. I recently hit a plateau in my workouts and after starting this blog and reading others I have been inspired to run again. Believe me, this is a big deal for me. I dug out my special running shoes from 3 years ago, don’t worry they were brand new so I am good to go, and ran my first mile back on a hamster wheel yesterday.

It felt pretty good, but once I hit a mile, I was starting to get bored like I normally do. But to overcome this “boredness” and make something out of my return to running I have decided to… wait for it… run my first race ever. This is a big deal for me, especially since I hate running. Now for all you experienced runners out there don’t make fun of me, it’s only 4 miles but that is a lot to me and I have 4 weeks to get ready for it. I will be running in the Eighth Annual Run As One Presented by JPMorgan Chase (4M) which honors the former Chase Manhattan Bank chairman Tom Labrecque, a lifelong non-smoker who died from lung cancer at age 62. My grandmother was a smoker and died of lung cancer, so I had a specific reason for picking this race. The race is on Sunday, April 11th. Now since I have never run in a race before and I have never seen one I have no idea what I am getting myself into. I will probably come last because there are a lot of serious runners in this City but at least I can say I did it. And luckily I have my good friend running with me, except for the fact that she is a runner, which means she probably won’t be running with me but I know she will be out there somewhere. So wish me luck, I will keep you updated on my progress!

Image from Impact Lab.