Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope everyone is wearing green, sadly I am not (shhh don’t tell). Since this is typically a drinking holiday, I have made you a guide to light beer! I realize light beer may not taste the best but in case you were wondering how many calories your consuming while drinking, now you will know. These statistics are taken from various sources, so they may not be 100% accurate. Also on another note these statistics are based off 12 ounce servings. Please drink responsibly today! Don’t forget if your not completely Irish but Irishish, you can get your shirt at www.Irishish.com. :)

Name Calories Carbs (g) % of Alcohol
Budweiser Select 55 55 1.9 2.40%
MGD 64 64 2.4 2.80%
Becks Premier Light 64 3.9 2.30%
Busch Light 95 3.2 4.10%
Amstel Light 95 5 3.50%
Miller Lite 96 3.2 4.20%
Milwaukee’s Best Light 98 3.2 4.50%
Yuengling Light 98 6.6 3.80%
Budweiser Select 99 3.1 4.30%
Heineken Premium Light 99 6.8 4.10%
Coors Light 102 5 4.15%
Keystone Light 103 5 4.13%
Corona Light 109 5 4.20%
Miller Chill 110 6.5 4.20%
Bud Light 110 6.6 4.20%
Michelob Golden Draft Light 110 7 4.10%
Miller High Life Light 110 7 4.20%
Miller Genuine Draft Light 110 7 4.20%
Michelob Light 113 6.7 4.30%
Bud Light Lime 116 8 4.20%
Sam Adams Light 119 9.6 4.05%
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March Madness Goals

March is here, which means it is almost spring! I know I am 4 days late, but late is better than never. Below are my goals for the month of March. At the end of the month I will give you a report on if I achieved my goals for the month and where I can still improve. If you haven’t set goals yet, what are you waiting for!

Health Goals

  1. Drink more water ( At least 8 glasses a day or 3 Lululemon water bottles)
  2. Participate in the Hundred Push Ups Program
  3. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into every meal

Wellness Goals

  1. Stay in Touch with friends
  2. Do Morning Pages everyday
  3. Get my finances in order

Also since it is March and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner a graphic designer in my office designed some pretty cool shirts and I thought I would share them with you just in case you are interested. They are actually pretty funny. The below e-mail is what was sent out at work:

“St. Patrick’s Day is two weeks from today. If you’re like me you’re probably thinking, “Is there a shirt out there that someone I know has made I could buy and wear this St. Patrick’s Day for those of us who are kind of Irish?” Well as luck would have it, there is.

With the help of Mr. Justin “I’m an artist not an advertiser” Gignac, www.Irishish.com now actually exists. Go there. Buy a shirt. Don’t buy a shirt. Honestly, I’m just flattered you’re still reading this email.”

Images from Irishish.com and Everystock