Review: Better Burger

I live on It is the easiest way to order in when I do not feel like making dinner. I normally pick the Healthy options and one day I found an amazing Burger place called Better Burger! Better Burger was opened by Louis Lanza, chef-owner of Josie’s the quasi-vegetarian restaurant, Citrus, and Josephine’s with branches on the Upper West Side and in Murray Hill. His restaurants have been featured in magazines such as: New York Magazine, Oprah, Organic Style, Zagat, Time Out, and Prevention.

He wanted to create a Burger Place that wouldn’t feel terrible about what you were eating. At Better Burger their meat and poultry is antibiotic, hormone and nitrate free. Their burgers are made from 100% meat they do not use any fillers. The french fries, which are my favorite, “are organic, air-baked and have 2/3’s less fat” than normal fries.

After eating their multiple times I have to say I love it! The fries are so good. They taste the same as normal fries to me. After reading many reviews not many people feel the same way but I have to disagree with the reviews and ask you to try it yourself. I normally get a Veggie/Soy burger or Turkey burger. The patty of the veggie burger is on the smaller side and sometimes crumbles apart but it is really good. They have organic wheat buns which are great and they offer soy american cheese. Better Burger is a little more expensive. A 1/3 pound beef burger is $5.99 and a 1/2 pound beff burger is $8.59. Sides are $2.75 each. It really isn’t too bad for what you are getting. If you are looking for a healthier option when eating a burger I suggest you try Better Burger. They have two locations one in Murray Hill on 3rd Avenue and 37th Street and one in Chelsea on 8th Avenue and 19th Street. If you go try it let me know what you think!

Picture from Grace Notes on NYC.