Review: Bar Method Soho

I am a huge fan of Barre classes! I first found them in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Pure Barre studio. When I moved to New York, I tried two different studios: Physique 57 and Exhale Spa. When I heard that the Bar Method was coming to New York, I knew I had to try it! After all Drew Barrymore and Rebecca Mader love it.

The origins of the Bar Method is Lotte Berk Method. Burr began teaching the Lotte Berk Method in 1991 when she was the first Lotte Berk Method’s licensee. The Bar Method Inc. founded in 2000 by Burr and Carl Diehl. Now there are over 36 studios in: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Canada.

The Bar Method is located in Soho, at 155 Spring Street on the second floor. It is about a 10 minute walk from the 6 train. When I first walked in I was very impressed, the studio was beautiful! It has 3 different studios, lockers right outside the class rooms, a women’s and men’s locker room (with showers) and a small kitchenette. The space is great. I was greeted by one of the three owners, Amy. Amy was a previous dancer and has been teaching Bar Method for over 10 years at the flagship location in San Fransisco.

The class lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. It was very similar to classes I had taken previously at Exhale Spa and Pure Barre. You start with a quick warmup by lifting you legs, then move into an arm series. The arm series is followed by thighs, butt and you end with abs. Overall I thought it was a good class, Amy was a great teacher. She really knew what she was doing and made sure to correct students if they were in the wrong positions. The Bar Method currently has four teachers and four teachers in training, two of which are New York Rockettes (Yes I took a class with them and I was like “Can I please have your legs haha).

The studio is beautiful and Amy was great but the prices are a bit steep. Now the three main barre studios in New York are Exhale Spa, Physique 57, and The Bar Method. The Bar Method class prices are the same as Physique 57.

  • $35 for a single class
  • $280 for 10 classes
  • $440 for an unlimited month

With only 1 location and only having one variety of the class, I feel that is very expensive. Exhale Spa has 4 locations, offers Core Fusion, Core Fusion Sport and Cardio, Core Fusion Yoga and Yoga classes, plus 3 of their locations are Spas. Their prices are:

  • $35 for a single class
  • $298 for ten classes
  • $150 for unlimited classes at the Soho location
  • $265 for unlimited classes at all locations all over New York and any of their other locations around the Country

The Bar Method studio was a great space but I have to say my heart still belongs to Exhale Spa, with the variety of classes, the prices, products and the staff, the experience you get is like nothing else. I am extremely happy at Exhale Spa.

If I had to rate the top Barre Studios in New York it would be:

  1. Exhale Spa
  2. The Bar Method
  3. Physique 57
Images from Bar Method.