Fall Challenge

Where did the summer go? I am pretty sure I blinked and it was gone, which I am actually okay with because I love the Fall. Especially in New York. As you can see I took the summer off from blogging. I had a summer full of changes; a new job, new apartment, a mini romance (it ended), and lots of traveling. All great things but I am ready for Fall in the City. Race season starts for the runners, I can wear my Lululemon pants with a scarf & tall boots and it is totally fashionable and the fitness community has been inspired by Fashion’s Night Out and has created a day dedicated to fitness called Sweaty Saturday! All pretty awesome things if I don’t say so myself.

Image from Disney Food Blog

Speaking of race season I started training (well more like Barry’s Bootcamp and an occasional long run) this summer for my two half marathons this Fall. The Newport, RI half and the Disney Wine and Dine half. Even if I wasn’t as excited about training this season, I am very excited for the races! I already have my outfit planned for the Disney race (stay tuned)! Other than training my fitness life revolved around Barry’s Bootcamp and an occasional Ben Turshen SoulCycle class (if you haven’t taken class with him yet it is a MUST) — Actually he teaches a class on Friday night in Union Square, would anyone be interested in New York fitness meet-up, if so email me. Okay getting back on track…

Now I don’t know about you but I am terrible at challenges. If there was an award for most failed challenges I would probably win it. Everyday I read a blog post about someone completing a 30-day challenge of only eating carrots (okay that is an exaggeration but you get the point) and I wonder how they do it, is there a secret that I do not know about? When I tried the plank-a-day challenge, it lasted for 2 minutes (the amount of time I held my plank on day 1), I did P90X for 3 days, and I did a sugar detox for 5 days (with some dark chocolate). All of these challenges had a much longer duration but I did not complete them. I can not put my finger on why I do not complete them but I am proud to say that the Lululemon #wtfsept photo challenge is coming to an end and I have successfully completed everyday.

Image from 12 Months of Lent

Through this new-found inspiration and a lot of self exploration I started reading more about challenges and goal setting and I came across this blog called 12 Months of Lent, where Julie, the blogger, assigns herself a different personal challenge every month. I have decided for the rest of the year I would follow in her footsteps and assign myself a new task each month. Here is my plan for the rest of the year:


  • Read the books I have been meaning to read for months – Will I finish all the books I have been meaning to read, probably not but I want to read at least 4 of them
  • FatMumSlim Photo Challenge October: Come Play – Since I had so much fun with Lululemon’s photo challenge, why stop now. You can only move forward


  • Stay within my budget – If you know me, you know this will be a fun month for me (Mom, I am going to make you proud)


  • Turn off all electronics (cell phone, computer, tv, tablet, etc) an hour before bed

I will keep you updated on my progress whether it lasts two minutes or the full month. I will also note down anything that helps me along the way so I can pass that knowledge to you. Now I ask you, how are you going to challenge yourself this month? Your Inner Skinny has created the 28 Day Sober Challenge, I would have joined but I have my sister’s wedding in the middle of the month (Sorry Scott! I will be in for the next one).  Leave me a comment if you a participating in a challenge this month so we can keep each other accountable, also I want to hear about any successful challenges you have completed. The more tips and inspiration the better! Until my next post, Happy Fall!

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  1. I just wanted to share with you that I will be visiting NY after almost 10 years! I live in Argentina…. we’ll try to enjoy my time there… any advice, other than your posts?

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