Review: Body by Bethenny

I was very excited to try Body by Bethenny. I am a huge fan of Bethenny Frankel’s books; The Skinny Girl Dish and Naturally Thin. So I knew when her DVD came out I had to try it. Bethenny’s DVD is 55 minutes long with three sections: Yoga (40 minutes), Strength Training (10 minutes), and the Booty Bonus (5 minutes). She teamed up with celebrity trainer, Kristin McGee. Kristin McGee is a certified personal trainer, Pilates master, and yoga instructor. She teaches classes in New York at: Yoga Works, Clay Spa, The Sports Club LA/Reebok Club and Equinox.

The DVD starts with a short introduction by Bethenny, which I found a little funny because it didn’t seem very natural (you can check it out below).  I have to say for an overall workout it’s not too bad. I think the mix of yoga and weight training is a great combination. The yoga starts with three rounds of sun salutations and moves into lunges, warrior, and reverse warrior poses. A sun salutation is a sequence or flow of different yoga poses. During the instruction of the yoga Bethenny adds in her own commentary, which is entertaining and helpful. If you have never done yoga it is possible to do this yoga workout you just might have to moderate some of the poses. (I have to say Bethenny has amazing arms!)

The strength training consisted of two different circuits, of three exercises, and 12 repetitions. They use 5 pound weights, it felt a bit short but I think it was a very nice compliment to the yoga. The 5 minute booty bonus was not the best. It consisted of a series of leg lifts. You can do these leg lifts anywhere, Bethenny pointed out, so if you are bored in the grocery store you can bust these moves out. I don’t think I ever would “Excuse me sir, would you mind stepping back, I have to do my leg lifts.” But it is an option. It was not my favorite and I really didn’t feel anything in my butt, and let’s be honest that is key.

I think it was a good DVD but you won’t break a sweat. The instruction was very good, I would be very interested in taking one of Kristin McGee’s yoga classes in New York . You can get the DVD for $14.99 on Amazon. Would I spend $14.99 on the DVD, that depends. I think it’s a great combination of yoga and weight lifting but it’s not my favorite DVD. But I still love Bethenny and I would love to have her arms!

Image from HollywoodLife.

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2 Responses

  1. Great review! I was really impressed by this DVD. I plan to do it one more time in my backyard before writing my official review. Agree with you on the butt moves. I like the simplicity of the arm moves though. The yoga was just like any yoga class that I love, so it was perfect!

    Haha yeah I also thought Bethenny seemed so awkward and unrehearsed in the intro!

    And I always ask people to move out my way so I can do my leg lifts ;)

  2. Didn’t realize that she had this dvd out. After reading your review, I have come to a couple of conclusions…

    First as far as her introduction, got a feeling it’s scripted and she’s trying to read the printed word and have it come out natural, which it isn’t. She seems to do great ad-libbing, and she might have tried that approach. Also, there’s none of the typical Bethenny humor in it. Something else we might expect to see.

    That said, I think she’ll do fine with this product, as there’s lots of people who have established a comfort level with her and would like to see a ‘friend’ get them through a workout.

    I am teetering dangerously close to 50, and have gone from 115 lbs to 230 lbs in the last 30 years. I am in pain all the time and feel like I’m 80 years old. So I live in fear of how I’ll feel when I’m actually 80…if I make it there.

    Thinking I’ll purchase this dvd and see if it motivates me. From where I’m sitting (and believe me, sitting’s what got me where I am) it seems like the simplicity of it might be good for a beginner.

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